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AnnuityLibrary.com is an independent and reliable source of information about the various forms of annuities available in the financial market. It provides a one stop shopping experience for all information about annuities. It offers to compare between different forms and types of annuities and their rates and quotes, providing sufficient information and advice for you to select the best suitable annuity plan. Several eminent financial portals and publications recognize AnnuityLibrary.com as a leading authority in the field of annuities; it is recommended and referenced for reliable information about current market conditions and expert advice.

An annuity is a contract made between a person and a financial institution, such as a bank or an insurance company. The contract comprises the purchase of an annuity plan for a huge sum against a guarantee that the annuity seller will pay a specified amount of money at a specified time to the buyer. Consider the case of a retirement or a life insurance plan in which the buyer purchases the plan against a huge sum and is promised a fixed or variable sum of money immediately after the purchase or at a deferred date. This arrangement is advantageous for the purchaser as it assures a regular flow of income over a long period, sometimes, till death. This is advantageous for retirees for whom a monthly payment is assured even after he stops drawing his salary. For professionals with variable incomes, this plan ensures a regular flow of income and helps avoid huge tax payments. Annuities guarantee a fixed rate of return on your savings as they are unaffected by inflation.

However, while you plan your retirement or long-term savings or life insurance plan, you need to take care of a few things. The guarantees offered by each annuity company are as good as the company itself. You may lose your money if the company goes bankrupt. Therefore, it is important to buy from the best performing insurance companies or banks. When purchasing an annuity, you are somehow paying for the guarantees promised by the annuity seller. You may avoid paying for these guarantees if you do not need them. Some annuity plans tie up your saved money for a very long time. Keep an eye open to understand the disadvantage and whether the seller has a subdued clause to penalize you for taking out your money at times of emergency. Being alert can be safer.

You can use annuities to plan your long-term income stream and enhance your financial health. They can be right for you if you play your cards well. Comparing the various types of annuities and calculating the comparative advantage is a tricky job; you may consult the annuity experts at AnnuityLibrary.com for the best advice.

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