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If you are looking for an investment option, which helps you defer your tax obligations? Try an annuity.

An annuity is a contract between an insurance company and an individual authenticating a series of equal payments or receipts between both parties. The individual initially makes the payments and then after a period of time, the company pays back the money, often with added benefits. One such benefit is Annuity Loans.

The element of popularity with annuity comes with tax benefits and high returns. Your money is not only getting saved, it becomes tax free and grows. Since the earnings are tax-deferred, you have more money earning interest for you, eventually leading to a faster growth.

Annuities are available primarily through insurance companies. They generally come with quite some terms and conditions. The manner in which you wish to finally withdraw the money, i.e., an income on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for a specified number of years, or for life – is what decides your premium and growth interests. Whether an annuity is right for you finally depends on your investment goals and age.

Sometimes there are certain advantages associated with annuities. One such is a annuity loan programs. Such annuities allow you to take out a part of your money anytime without paying any penalties. For example, an investor is allowed to take out up to 40% of the value of the annuity, at any time without any penalty and the money can be used for any reason. No fees or charges are levied as long as this clause is decided from before and the money is returned within a stipulated time. Some annuity loans also exempt charges if the money is paid within 20 years and the loan was used to purchase a primary residence. What is more interesting is that the money you take out as a loan is generally not taxed.

However, such annuities are not so common to find and often are not offered to everyone. Primarily to employees of nonprofits or school districts have been found to get such offers of annuity loans.

For more on annuity loans, Click here or call toll-free at 1-800-998-4056. We at AnnuityLibrary.com would be happy to provide a detailed analysis yet simplified to the extent you want.

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