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If you are an alert individual planning a long term saving scheme, you may be comparing annuities to select the best available for you. You are sure to come across an annuity rate table, mostly shown by the agents or salesperson who would like you to invest in their schemes. You can also find these tables in annuity brochures or websites. Annuity tables are simple representation of a likely calculation of how your money shall grow over a time period, at different rates of interest. They are very important to understand your returns and visualize the pattern of money growth. Annuity rate tables help you calculate the present values of a series of future payments or investments. It simplifies the detailed calculations and puts forth a pre-calculated compound interest rated value of a sum for a period of time.

To make it simpler, we can say that it will most likely show the present worth of $1 to be paid at the end of various periods in the future, at different interest rates compounded annually. You can use these tables to calculate the value of a return on an investment you may receive in future, the present value of an investment you want to make in future, or to evaluate the worth of a present day investment in future. There are generally no tricks or hidden agenda in each of such tables. However, the performance of the investment as per the table often depends on the overall performance of the scheme in which you have invested, if it is an equity indexed annuity.

Your choice of the annuity can be based on the percentage rate of return that you have selected and the period of time you would like to keep your money in the annuity. It also depends on the total sum of money involved and the nature of return you seek, which can be annual or five yearly or retirement based.

It is common and useful to refer to annuity tables while deciding the worth of your retirement annuity plan a dozen years later or to estimate the worth of the monthly payment from an annuity plan when you reach the golden age of seventy-five. For more help on annuity rate tables or to refer to a reliable annuity table, Click here or call www.AnnuityLibrary.com at the toll-free number 1-800-998-4056. We provide a one stop shopping experience for any information about annuities and annuity calculations. Remember annuity tables need to be updated according to the changes in the present rate of interest. It is important to consult a reliable and current annuity table.

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