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When you are considering making a long-term investment for a financially secured old age, it’s natural that you are considering the various forms of investment available. Often, during the exercise, the difference between an annuity and a life insurance contract seems negligible! Which is a better form of investment? Do both of these offer insurance at the death of the annuitant? Which promises more security and protection to my money? Let’s reiterate at the very outset, it is difficult to proclaim either of the two better than the other. Both have its advantages, and both can be proved better! What needs to be considered is – what suits you? Supposing that an annuity performs better for you, the same may not work that well for your colleague! Let’s get into a discussion concerning the comparison – annuity vs life insurance.

What is an annuity?

In short, it is a contract between an investor and an insurance company. The investor buys an annuity against a considerable amount of money and, in return, the insurance company promises to pay back the value of the annuity, in future, in several installments or a lump sum payment. The annuitant can even contract to receive a steady income till death. Therefore, annuities offer a secured and stable source of investment turned into income.

Other important features of annuities, which are useful to investors are their tax deferred status, their high rate of return, faster growth to savings that they offer, and of course, the security of the investment.

What is a life insurance contract?

A life insurance contract is intended to meet the needs of survivors or beneficiaries, when the investor dies. From the life insurance contract, the beneficiaries receive a sum of money that far exceeds the value of the premiums the investor had paid. The beneficiaries, of course, receive this benefit if the person insured dies during the contract period.

The difference between the annuity and the life insurance contract therefore…

…mainly lies in the difference in benefit and the timing for it.

While an annuity contract is intended to support the investor's future income requirements, the life insurance meets the need of the beneficiaries.
While the annuity pays back the total value of the investment made plus the gains earned on it, the life insurance investment returns an amount that may be multiple times larger than the premiums paid.

An annuity can be advantageous with useful features they offer. They are more popular not only because of the financial insurance they offer but because of the increase rate they contribute to the investor’s savings and investment, with their features. It is important to analyze whether you need an annuity and the type of annuity that will perform well for you, before you buy one. For more annuity advice, Click here or call the AnnuityLibrary.com specialists toll-free at 1-800-998-4056.

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