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Immediate Annuity Payouts Made Simple

For any retired person, the margin for error is often quite thin. With limited money and a source of income that has been stopped, one rarely takes risk in stock market. In such contexts, much is possible if you invest your money soundly. Academic research shows that investors withdraw about 4 to 5 percent of their savings annually to be certain that the money will last 30 years or more. So instead of simply eating up from your retirement accounts, use a portion to buy a ‘fixed immediate lifetime annuity’ that promises to pay an income for life.

Immediate annuities have got some noticeable attention lately. You have the options to purchase annuity contracts in single payments and start receiving money back in 30 days. Such agreements are called a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIAs) that generally has a single deposit amount. Other common forms immediate annuity also has regular payments option at specified intervals. In either case, you start receiving regular monthly payments instantly which is within 30 days of depositing the full amount with the insurance company.

In the market their still lies confusion about annuities in general. Most common people connect the term annuity with ‘variable deferred annuities’, which is a combination life insurance and performance linked investment. Such products are often pushed by agents who work on commission basis and hence this confusion and threat perception. However annuities are a far larger canvass with many options than the one your agent is pushing at.

Immediate annuity is a good option for who have planned late in life and doesn’t want to miss out the option of a guaranteed return. In immediate annuities, the amount of money you receive from the annuity is always based on the premium deposit, the length of time the annuity is bought for, and the particular guarantees offered by the insurance company. The rate of return from an immediate annuity can again be ‘fixed’ or ‘variable’.
Immediate annuities have a number of benefits. First of all, they are simple to understand. They ensure higher returns and defer tax payments. But the biggest advantage and character of immediate annuities is their ability to qualify you immediately for benefits. Payouts from immediate annuities can span your entire life till death or be specified for a fixed term, for example 20 years. In fixed terms the absolute value of the return is higher. In life terms, the benefit derives if you have outlived the money you invested and start earning much more.

If you have any question about immediate annuities and its payout, you can Click here or call toll-free at 1-800-998-4056 to consult our experts at the AnnuityLibrary.com.

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